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Top 5 Natural Stain Removal Tips

Are you aware of the fact that some of the chemicals present in our daily stain removing detergents can have a significant negative impact on our health? Well, yes, this is true. The chemicals such as Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), Ammonium Hydroxide, are some of the commonly found detergent chemicals and have a terrible impact on skin, eyes, and respiratory system as well. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out these bad guys while picking up the stain remover for your home. Below are my top 5 natural stain removal tips!

Furthermore, with kids, you might have plenty of stained clothes every day. But at the same time, you cannot use chemically packed detergents. What if you get some better options to remove those stubborn stains without any detergent?  

Yes, there is a bucketful of natural stain removal techniques, which can make you live healthier and more comfortable by cleaning the stain from roots. These non-toxic stain removers will cost you much less. Therefore, here are some tips which you can consider to get rid of those messy stains.

Top 5 Natural Stain Removal Tips

1.    Vinegar

Did you spill your berry juice on your beautiful light-coloured cloth? Well, if yes then you might be regretting a lot. But it would help if you stopped worrying because you can clear that juice stain with the help of a homemade stain remover. Yes, it is one such product that you might be using regularly, it is ‘Vinegar’. 

Be it apple cider vinegar or simply white vinegar works as a great ally to combat these nasty stains. Here are some of the laundry stains that can go quickly with the help of the vinegar stain removing techniques:

  • Juice: Red might be the colour of love, but as a stain, it can hurt you so much. The red berry coloured stain can be removed if you soak the cloth in a vinegar solution, and then wash it usually. 
  • Coffee and Tea: Another very stubborn stain that you can conveniently clear from the clothes is coffee and tea. Soak the stained cloth in a vinegar solution, and then let it dry in the sun. 
  • Mildew: The yellow-brownish mildew stains are undoubtedly disgusting, and we want them to go away as soon as possible. To remove mildew stains, all you need to do is put the cloth in a mixture of vinegar, salt, and water.  

Instructions to Prepare Vinegar Solution:

Here is the first natural stain removal technique which you can easily prepare at your homes. Take ½ cup vinegar, ½ cup baking soda, ½ cup liquid soap, 2 quarts water, and combine them. Your first homemade remedy for sticky stains is ready for use. 

2.    Baby Powder & Corn-starch Mixture

Fried foods are comforting until the oil from it stains our clothes. Oils are hard to get rid of, but here is one solution for you. It is readily available at home, corn-starch and Baby powder! It is one such fantastic solution, which can surely free your cloth from oil stain. Here are some of the stains apart from oil, which you can remove with this remedy:

  • Soot & Smoke: The deep black stains of smoke and soot looks bad on clothes. But a thick coating of corn-starch can help. Let the layer on cloth overnight and clean it in the morning to see the results. 
  • Grease Stains: Grease is yet another type of stain where corn-starch can correctly help. All you need to do is place a paper towel under the greasy-stained cloth and prevent it from spreading anymore. Sprinkle a chunky coating of corn-starch over the stain and leave it for around 15 minutes and most of the grease will be absorbed. After 15 minutes, add a some drops of water to make a paste and then rub it with fingers to clean the paste. Wash it off with cold water to check out the results! 

3.    Salt

One most overlooked natural stain removal remedy is using ‘salt’. Yes, it is one such ingredient that is readily available in our kitchen shelves. Apart from making your clothes stain-free, it can also help in brightening up the colours. It can actually revamp your dull clothes. Most of us do not know about this use of salt therefore, here are some kinds of stains that can be quickly vanished with it.

  • Blood Stains: Blood stains are nasty and hard to remove at the same time. It can be a challenging task to remove it if you want to go eco-friendly by eradicating the use of chemical-rich detergents. But you cannot throw your precious cloth piece at the same time, so what can you do? 

Well, try making a paste of salt  and cold water and apply it on the stain. Let it there for around 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Since salt have significant dehydrating properties, and it can lift bloodstains. 

  • Sweat Stains:  The smelly sweat stains are pathetic for sure. But a simple water-salt solution can eliminate it. Add four tbs salt in hot water and sponge the stain with it to clear it. 
  • Rust Stains: Unwanted rust stains are not so pleasant. Therefore, to vanish it, mix one tbsp of lemon juice in 3 tbs of salt and apply the paste on the stain. Now gently rub the rust stain with a dry cloth to check if it has gone. 

4.    Meat Tenderizer

One more product from your kitchen shelf can help remove stains, and that is a meat tenderizer. The protein stains are mainly cleaned with this. Meat tenderizer is utilized to break down the meat proteins so that it will become conveniently chewable and tender. 

Furthermore, when applied on stains, it works the same and helps break down the protein, making the stain to remove quickly. All you require to do is to wet the stained area and sprinkle the meat tenderizer. Let it there for half-hour and then wash it normally. Use this natural stain removal method for any stains mentioned below:

  • Blood Stains and Vomit stains: For removing dark blood or the stinky vomit stains from the clothes first you have to prepare a thick paste of meat tenderizer and water. Apply it on the stained area, and wait till it dries. Once it dried scrap it off gently, and check if the tenderizer enzymes have worked successfully by breaking down stain or not. 
  • Perspiration Stains: The hard to remove perspiration stains are nothing if you have the fantastic meat tenderizer. All you have to do is take the stained garment and damp the stain with some meat tenderizer sprinkles on it. Later wash it usually.

5.    Baking Soda

Smelly stains are hard to adjust with. Therefore, here is one easy trick that you can try to kick such stains out from your cloth. Even the toughest stains can be easily pre-treated with the help of baking soda paste. For this natural stain removal technique, mix water in baking soda to make a thick paste. It is one of the best ways to draw out the stain from fabric. 

Here are some types of stain, which one can easily remove by applying this baking soda mixture:

  • Sweat: Number one is the odoriferous sweat stain, which can be treated with the baking soda and water paste. Rub the paste in the affected area before washing it off. If the stain is tough, you need to let the paste sit there for at least two hours. Before you wash the cloth off, make sure to scrape the paste. Baking soda efficiently absorbs the sweat odours.
  • Wine Stains: The dark wine stains are nasty, and they should be treated immediately. Once it gets soaked in cloth, it becomes difficult to remove it. Therefore, if you have a fabric affected with wine stain then right away pour baking soda on it, and then run hot water on the opposite side. The baking soda will absorb the stain. 

Conclusion on natural stain removal

Make your clothes feel lively again by clearing out the stains! Yes, these natural stain removal ideas are way more cost-efficient than the chemically rich detergents available in the market. So even if you are on a small budget, you can do laundry perfectly.

Be it fruits, oils, smoke, or any other type of stain, and you can get rid of them. It is always better to avoid the detergents full of harmful chemicals and artificial fragrance. These quick tricks can be cultivated from the products widely available across your home. 

Hence, if you are thinking of going more eco-friendly than before, you must try these ideas. So stop looking for detergents, and start vanishing the stains!