pillow cube review

Pillow Cube Review: My honest review!

Side Sleepers Unite

Like most people, I have gotten used to sleeping on one side instead of flat on my back. Although this is the easiest way to fall asleep, I eventually noticed increased tension in my neck and shoulders when I woke up in the morning.

That’s why, when a friend told me about the The Pillow Cube, I decided to try it out for myself. I wasn’t exactly sleeping well and thought I might as well take my chances with this trendy product designed to provide comfort to side-sleepers like me. I slept on the pillow for 60 days before writing my pillow cube review!

Worst-case scenario: I give it to my unsuspecting 4-year-old and tell him it’s a new kind of stuffed animal. Genius.

Quality: 8/10

In pictures, the Pillow Cube looked like any other pillow, just with a boxier shape. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these pillows were made of bounceable memory foam instead of the cheaper, more commonly used polyester or cotton. This significantly contributed to the pillow’s therapeutic nature, making it much more gentle on my chronically aching shoulders and neck.

I also really loved that the Pillow Cube didn’t have the weird, off-putting odour that most products made of memory foam give off. Instead, it smelled nice and fresh as soon as I unpackaged it from its vacuum seal, most likely a result of being anti-microbial, as stated on the website.

The pillowcase itself was also quite soft, despite not being made of silk, and could easily be removed to throw in the wash.

One of the most unique aspects of this product is that the Pillow Cube remains cool pretty much ALL night. That’s right, no need to flip the pillow anymore in the middle of the night to get to the “cool side”. The pillow prevents overheating by allowing a decent amount of airflow. This feature was very unexpected for such an item but made me love it even more!

Value for Money: 6/10

The Pillow Cube comes in two varieties, varying by pillow width. The standard one (which is also the most heavily marketed for providing benefits to side sleepers) is priced on the official website at $69.99 for a 12-inch pillow. The other option, known as the Pillow Cube Pro, is similar to the standard size in terms of shape and thickness but sits wider at 24 inches. The Pillow Cube Pro is priced at about $119.99 on the official site.

If you compare the Pillow Cube Classic to your standard cotton or linen sleeping pillow, the price is definitely on the higher side. I usually buy my pillows in sets of two for no more than $30 from Walmart.

Someone intending to switch to using the Pillow Cube full time would need to pay at least double what they usually do for a better night’s sleep. Compared to other memory foam pillows, minus the cube shape, the price is relatively more reasonable. Due to foam’s premium quality, such pillows are more expensive than standard cotton versions, costing between $30 to $40 each.

Still, the Pillow Cube is the most expensive option for sleeping pillows on the market.

Customizability and Options: 10/10

This was a category in which the Pillow Cube shined. The website boasted two different options for Pillow Cubes based on the pillow’s length, namely the Pillow Cube and Pillow Cube Pro.

The standard Pillow Cube, which was the one I bought, is 12 inches wide. There were two options for thickness, at 4 and 5 inches thick. The best choice was dependent on your shoulder length and head size.

If you are confused about how to find that out, don’t worry! A video posted on the official website explains how to measure your body using a stack of books to choose the correct size before placing an order. Super cool.

Although I did feel more than a little silly laying on top of a stack of children’s books as part of the measuring process, I must admit that the choice of height made a world of difference when it came to sleeping. The idea that I was customizing my sleeping pillow excited me too, a luxury not seen in most other brands.

Although I didn’t feel the need to try out the Pillow Cube Pro myself, I could see why many people would prefer it over the standard option. The Pillow Cube Pro has a width of 24 inches, which makes it double that of the classic option, and also had more variety in terms of thickness, at 4-, 5-, and 6-inch thickness options.

The wider pillow possesses the same premium quality memory foam and is an excellent choice for not just side sleepers who tend to roll over a lot but also people like my husband, who are naturally blessed with giant heads. I also liked the idea of using the Pillow Cube Pro as a body pillow, helping decrease pressure from sleeping on the side even more.

Functionality: 8/10

Of course, this Pillow Cube review would not be complete without talking about the primary purpose of the pillow itself- increased support for side sleeping.

I have to admit; it felt a little weird at first. The pillow is much more structured and thicker than the ones I usually use. I could sense that I was at least a good two inches above both my baby and husband’s heads on the bed. After laying there for a little while, however, the memory foam’s comfort made me forget all about the peculiar height.

In just a few days, I noticed a considerable difference in my neck and shoulder stiffness. The heaviness and soreness I would usually feel in my upper body when I woke up in the morning was almost eliminated.

I remember using memory foam pillows in the past, especially when travelling, and had always felt like they helped me fall asleep faster. The Pillow Cube did the same but also added the advantage of height- making the experience of sleeping a lot more relaxing than I expected.

Once I got used to it, my sleep quality went up drastically. Just ask my husband: he gets a lot more smiles and cuddles than he used to!

Final Score (32/40)

After analyzing the Pillow Cube on four different metrics, including quality, value for money, customizability, and functionality, the side sleepers’ perfect match was able to score a solid B from yours truly. What initially began as a way for me to decrease the physical toll of my maternal instincts ended up as an inspiring solution to a problem I didn’t know I had.

Before trying out the Pillow Cube, I thought that my chronically tired body was just normal (in the parenting world, not for regular, weak humans). It took me buying a unique (albeit pricey) alternative to my boring, standard pillows for me to realize just how much I had taken my body for granted. The Pillow Cube, though not an instant or permanent fix by any means, did what it advertised.

If you have a bad sleeping posture, some extra cash, and excel in measuring the distance between your neck and shoulders before ordering, this could be a good investment for your physical health. It worked for me and could work for you too! Disclaimer – I also LOVE Lavender essential oil to help me sleep.

However, be careful. You could order the wrong thickness or size and end up paying $70 or more for what will essentially become a foam toy. The return policy for these pillows is 30 days, and their return policy does seem like it sucks (but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t need to use it!

It’s a risk, but one worth taking – after all, what’s more rewarding than a great night’s sleep? You can buy it here!